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Guests from Brazilian Tobacco and Zhongfeng Chemical come to Tengzhou

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On July 2, Liu Wenqiang, Deputy Party Secretary and mayor of Tengzhou met Juan Antonio Bruno Perroni, chairman of Brazilian Tobacco, Wang Kezhang, chairman of Zhongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. and other members. Discussion was carried out concerning the cooperation of related projects.  

Perroni, among many others, surveys the cigarettes factory in Tengzhou


Liu Wenqiang warmly welcomed Perroni and his partners. He pointed out Zhongfeng Chemical’s project in Tengzhou is located in Lunan High-tech Chemical Industrial Park and it is among the projects of key support revolving around chemical new material in Tengzhou. The cooperation between Brazilian Tobacco and Zhongfeng Chemical is not only between enterprises, but also a foreign funded project as greatly supported by the local government. Tengzhou enjoys a favorable traffic location and complete industrial categories. Besides, the local government has been offering great support and related service. So Mr. Perroni can have firm confidence on the cooperation. In particular, the support of local government is to develop itself. In the coming future, Tengzhou will continue to support favorable cooperation projects. And it is hoped that both sides will enter into extensive cooperation, survey and discussion on Brazilian Tobacco’s other development intentions other than tobacco. 

Perroni remarked that Tengzhou wass remarkably different from other cities he had visited. Tengzhou government can assist enterprises in solving problems, which moved him deeply. He is very glad to see that it takes so short a time for the construction of the project in Tengzhou to get started. In the next step, it is hoped that Tengzhou and Brazilian Tobacco will establish deeper communication and cooperation so as to bring about desirable development for both sides. 

During his stay in Tengzhou, Perroni and his partners also visited and surveyed Tengzhou Cigarette Factory.


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