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Plastics-grade cellulose diacetate

Plastics-grade cellulose diacetate refers to the cellulose acetate whose acid content accounts for 55% and is applied to plastics. Its main purpose is to produce plastic base with high transparency and great weather fastness, film and the flatting agent and film forming matter for coatings. This product has such properties as great moisture resistance, resistance to UV-light and coldness, electric insulation and it is also pliable and transparent. Besides, it is highly compatible with resin and plasticizer of high boiling point. The product can be made into movie base, air film base, film, and the pipeline for transporting oil field gas, the glass lamp of tool handle, of vehicle and of aircraft, underground telephone line, cable conduit, steering wheel, scutcheon cover, reflector spotlight, etc.  

(The specifications for plastic grade mainly include FM300 powder, FM300F plate, FM-5N powder, FM-5NF plate; )